About the Breed

The German Riding Pony is a fairly young breed which history started in 1965.
At that time breeds of British descend were crossed with each other. These were:
Welch, Arab, Anglo Arabian as well as English Thoroughbred.

The goal was to breed small elegant horses which were supposed to be ridden especially by children and young adults.
In the beginning the ponies were bred and raised in the Westphalian and Weser-Ems area but spread quickly throughout Germany.

The Exterior of the German Riding Pony shall be elegant with a good withers and a long, well-rounded croup. The Arab blood is giving them a refined and elegant head with the soft and trusting eye of a warmblood. The German Riding Pony breed is aiming for a size between 138 and 148 cm.

A German Riding Pony is known for its balanced mind and positive character. The willingness to learn and to give is unique. Although a tough “little horse”, the German Riding Pony can be sensitive and ambitious at the same time.